Eurasian Connections


Credits CCTV America

Credits CCTV America

In this page I would like to collect the experiences of European and Asian People that have had the opportunity to travel and live in our two different continents, listening directly  to their voices to learn something more about each others.

I believe that the future of Europe is in Asia, and that Asian must look at Europe to understand better itself and found new ways of cohoperation and friendship.

As an European guy, in love with Asia, its culture, its languages, I believe the EU has to start a new period of its life: a new era of openess, ready to accept the challenges Asia launches to the world. Only knowing each other more could improve ourselves too.

The stories of this page will have an english version, and then a mother toungue version too.

Grande spazio sarà dedicato inoltre al tema delle relazioni sino-europee, e in futuro a quello degli investimenti cinesi in Europa, grazie ad articoli che analizzeranno la crescita degli FDI cinesi e la “Go Out Policy”, politica governativa che punta a promuovere l’internazionalizzazione delle aziende cinesi.


Eurasian Connections- “Made in Italy to China and back”, seminario all’Università Cattolica

Eurasian Connections- Fondazione Italia Cina protagonista al Business Forum di Pechino

Focus Cina/Italia- China Awards 2016: undicesima edizione di un “unicum” vincente

Eurasian Connections- 16+1: le proposte di Li Keqiang al meeting di Riga

Focus Cina/UE- Raid automobilistico Pechino-Parigi: quando le auto in Cina erano “carri a combustibile”

Focus Cina/UE- Xi in Repubblica Ceca, recenti sviluppi strategici

Eurasian Connections- Merkel in Cina per l’ottava volta

Focus Cina- La ferrovia internazionale Chongqing-Duisburg è operativa

Eurasian Connections- ASEM10: I risultati del vertice di Milano

Eurasian Connections- ASEM10- Intervista per “China news Net” al Vertice ASEM

ASEM 10- Al via il vertice ASEM di Milano

Focus Cina/UE- Le relazioni Cina-europa dopo la visita di Xi

Eurasian Connections- La March West strategy e l’Unione europea

Eurasian Connections- Europa vs. Cina, dai pannelli solari all’Agenda 2020


“Eurasian Connections” first story: CAIN from Beijing to Oslo

Eurasian Connections- Tiantian from Hebei to Milan

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