Chongqing Life – The dawn of a new semester

Chongqing is trying to keep me here?

A DAWN TO SAY GOODBYE – Leaving Chongqing was something I had waited for some weeks, preparing to go back home and have a rest from my “expat life”. But the morning I took the taxi to the airport, this is what I saw. An amazing dawn, with the rivers and the hills of Chongqing in peace. How! I asked my self. You have been struggling for the past months, thinking about leaving every single day, and now the city gives you this goodbye?? In China you have to learn to be patient, pragmatic, and sometimes leave the romance away. Go back to your country man, take a break, your body needs it. And I went to the airport, turning off my brain.

Drinkin a good beer in the clouds

TIME TO FLY BACK –  After an amazing summer in Milan, where I could recharge my batteries, I took the flight in Malpensa to come back to Chongqing for starting the new semester. In Milan I felt too good and I didn’t want to come back, to be honest, but my life and my job now are settled here, in the capital of Southwest China. Italy is such an unique country for the food, the quality of the environment, the people I love, its culture and beauty. If you have the possibility to be happy in Italy, please, don’t move, just stay there. Or at least, base your job, your activities in an Italian city, be smart, and enjoy Italian time. If you’re young, you can go abroad like me, but not for too long time. Your hometown and your country will always mean something special to you.

But Chongqing wanted me to come back. I could hear its call. I struggled before taking the flight, in Malpensa International Airport. Twenty minutes before boarding I wanted to stay in Milan. I called my parents, asked them for advice. – Chongqing is not easy, but you have more opportunities there, take the fligh dont be childish! – they said. The flight was so smooth, that I forgot the drama, and I projected my self to the next few months in the city. I am a China lover, and for the past ten years I dreamed about going to the Middle Kingdom. So, why thinking too much? You’re fliying to the place you have always dreamed about.

The beautuful sight from my campus, in the district of Shapingba

CHONGQING IS MAGIC – The city is still here, magic. Chongqing is not a common Chinese place. It mixes up rivers, mountains, terrible and humid weather and nice people. It’s the physical representaion of an hotpot. The city itself is a giant hotpot. You can choose to boil in spicy sup, or in the normal one. I have been to a dozen of Chinese mega cities in my life. Chongqing is my favourite so far, together with Nanjing. This semester I will help you know more about its beauty.

The international students and their leader, Professor Pu Yongjian

PU YONGJIAN SQUAD – In the meantime I had the chance to attend the dinner for Teacher’s day celebration. My supervisor is Professor Pu Yongjian, a great guy. I went to a tall building in the middle of Shapingba District, and I met with my school mates after a long time. In the picture you can see a variegated team: there’s Daniel, a Russian guy, and then a student from Madagascar and Azeirbaijian. Before coming to Chongqing, I never thought about these last two countries. Now I can sit next to two new friends and Phd colleagues and learn something from them.  In the picture I was wearing my beloved Hard Rock Cafe Dublin t-shirt, the one I bought in 2006, when I took a flight alone for the firts time to go abroad. Since that day, I have been travelling the world up and down, but I will never forget the joy and also my fear on that “Airlingus” flight.

A NEW DAWN AHEAD – Now it’s time to go back to my office in Campus B, let’s go back full time to this amazing adventure in Chongqing. There is a new dawn in Chongqing, a new dawn to a brand new semester full of responsabilities but also opportunities. Follow my adventure in Chongqing. Stay tuned guys.

Marco from Chongqing, Western China.