FEFF20- The second day in full!

Crime. Pulp. Wuxia. Melodrama. Thriller. Action. The Far East Film Festival 20 moves towards its grand finale and spends Friday 27 April having a bit of genre movie fun and indulging in all (or almost all) the shades of pop cinema. There are 11 titles lined up from the morning to the night at the “Giovanni da Udine” Teatro Nuovo and the Visionario for the … Continue reading FEFF20- The second day in full!

FEFF20- First day in Udine, the movies!

Female actors. Female directors. Female producers. From Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, Moon So-ri and Nansun Shi to Sylvia Chang, Asmara Abigail, Upi(whose My Generation we’ll be seeing on Friday the 27th of April) and the amazing Chedeng and Apple (the Filipino Thelma & Louise who’ll be making their appearance on Saturday the 28th of April), there’s a clear and powerful line of female talent running through the twentieth edition of the Far East Film Festival. As clear and powerful as the resourcefulness, courage and creativity of these amazing … Continue reading FEFF20- First day in Udine, the movies!