Other Chinas- Poverty Alleviation Is a Mass Education Initiative

China’s State Council designated 14 poverty clusters in China. Statistics from the internet resources show that the total population of poverty in rural China is 43.35 million and there are also 9.06 million left-behind children in rural villages, both of which figures have dropped dramatically from the previous years. The central government has been pushing the targeted poverty alleviation work in around China and officials from government are assigned to stay in the specific villages to enforce the poverty alleviation work.


The targeted poverty alleviation movement in China easily reminds people of the illiteracy eradication movement in China started from the foundation of People’s Republic of China in 1949, when 80% Chinese population (550 million ) and 95% the rural population were illiterate and after the persistent work of the illiteracy eradication 100 million people became literate in the year of 1964.

It seems that the current targeted poverty alleviation movement in rural China is more mass education of sustainable development on the farmers than developing certain industries themselves. When the farmers are educated and led to take the sustainable development and the young generations are more highly educated, the development will sustain to the future and then the poverty will stay away from the rural communities.

Fred Young for Vivereliquido.it