Eurasian Connections- Slow Food e la Dichiarazione di Chengdu

Pubblichiamo la “Dichiarazione di Chengdu”, emessa al termine del Congresso internazionale di Slow Food, svoltosi nella città capoluogo della Provincia del Sichuan, nella Repubblica Popolare Cinese dal 29 settembre al 1 ottobre scorso. Seguirà un articolo sui contenuti del Congresso.

Declaration of Chengdu  Passed by the 460 delegates participating at the 7th Slow Food International Congress,Chengdu, China – September 29 – October 1 2017

Declaration of Chengdu

We, representatives of the Terra Madre and Slow Food networkfrom 90 countries,

on behalf of those who, by working the land, guard it,tend it and keep it fertile;

on behalf of those who guard and preserve seeds, savingthem from extinction and protecting them from patenting, speculation andprivatization;

on behalf of those who protect and preserve common goods,especially the soil and its fertility, water, air and knowledge;

on behalf of those who believe in an economy ofsolidarity and cooperation;

on behalf of those who pledge to ensure good, clean,fair and healthy food for all;

on behalf of co-producers, forwhom it is fundamental to know about the food they buy and consume, who wish tobe assured of their freedom to choose what to eat and who believe in the needfor transparency and access to information;

on behalf of those who believe inthe transfer of skills from generation to generation as a tool for building a betterfuture for all, for adults, for young people, adults and the elderly;

on behalf of indigenous peoples and those who fightfor the assertion of their rights in every corner of the world;

on behalf of those who feel as brothers and sisters onthis Earth, which is the mother of all living things;

on behalf of anyone who has been unjustly imprisonedor rejected or shunned on account of the color of their skin, their ethnicityor their place of origin, and of those who are fighting to ensure that thisinjustice comes to an end;

on behalf of those who believe that rights should beuniversally recognized;

Risultati immagini per slow food chengdu
that good, clean,fair and healthy food is a right of all and that we shall not give up the fightuntil every last person on this planet has access to it;

that the wholeworld is our home and that our action is global in scope. Our network knows noboundaries. We thus reject any form of political, economic and social exclusionthat turns into outlaws people who migrate on account of conflict, violence,discrimination, poverty and natural calamity. We fight every thought and actionthat deprives the weakest segments of the population of their rights, thatrides roughshod over indigenous cultures, that fails to hold women, childrenand the elderly in due esteem;

thatenvironmental protection is the main priority of our work as activists,farmers, shepherds, fishers, artisans, scholars and cooks. The production,distribution and consumption of food cannot conflict with the right to enjoy ahealthy environment and its fruits for generations to come;  

that diversity isthe greatest wealth we possess as human beings and as a community. Be itgenetic, cultural, linguistic, generational, sexual or religious;

that the unjustdivision of riches and opportunities originates  suffering and discrimination, hence needs tobe addressed courageously at every decision-making and practical level in orderto achieve a fairer distribution among the women and men of our planet;

that access toknowledge is a right of all and that traditional skills must have the samedignity as academic learning. Only informed, mindful people can make well-pondered,well-reasoned free choices.

Only by radically renewing the organizationof Slow Food, only by making it more open and inclusive, and only by trying outnew forms of aggregation, involvement and participation can we address thechallenges that await us in the future in the best way possible and thwartthose—the very few—who possess power and wealth and decide the fate of theworld’s food and of humanity itself.

They are giants but we are a multitude!

Chengdu, October 1 2017