FEFF19- DAY 3: 11 Asian Movies in Udine!

The actress Aya Ueto- Credits FaEastFilmFestival

From the world premiere of Hirugao, the eagerly-awaitedlove story which will be presented to the audience by its stars, idols AYA UETO and TAKUMI SAITO, to the now-legendary The Mission by Johnnie To, the lineup for the third day of #FEFF19 includes 11 films!

A scene from “Hirugao- Love affairs in the Afternoon”by NISHITANI Hiroshi

UDINE – From the world premiere of Hirugao – Love Affairs in the Afternoon, Nishitani Hiroshi‘s eagerly-awaited romantic comedy which will be presented to the audience by its stars, idols Aya Ueto and Takumi Saito, to the now-legendary The Mission by Johnnie To, which returns to the big screen of the FEFF after 17 years, the lineup for the third day of the Udinese Festival numbers 11 films! A thrilling total immersion in the heart of Asia and an itinerary that begins in Indonesia with My Stupid Boss and passes through the Malaysia of Mrs. K before finally reaching the finish line late at night with the Laos of Dearest Sister, the ghost story created by the incredible Mattie Do!

So it’s Laos’ first time at the Far East, and the first ever female Laotian director: a genuine force of nature, capable of challenging the country’s entrenched male chauvinism and of bringing into the spotlight a national film industry which is almost invisible. Or, to be more accurate, almost nonexistent – the country’s entire catalogue of films comes to a little over ten titles. In a nutshell, the art of Laos is a woman, with due respect to all the men who would never have bet a dime on the talent and perseverance of Mattie, FEFF’s star guest!

A scene of “Dearest sisters” by Mattie DO- Credits FarEastFilmFestival Flickr Account

And if we’re on the subject of star guests, let’s talk about the most beautiful couple in Japanese movies: actors, models, singers, and adored by millions of teenagers, Aya Ueto and Takumi Saito will be sparkling on the red carpet and charming all the fareasters! Hirugao – Love Affairs in the Afternoon, a story of passions and betrayal, is a movie which will definitely leave its mark. Just like its beautiful (and very talented) protagonists..




My Stupid Boss

by Upi

(Indonesia, 2016)

A dynamic comedy brimming over with an inventiveness – which includes a Bollywood musical moment – that will amaze viewers.


Over The Fence

by Yamashita Nobuhiro

(Japan, 2016)

A minimal style bordering on surrealism and intense performances from the two leads.


Mrs K

by Ho Yuhang

(Hong Kong, 2016)

With its stars in great form, this blend of action, humour and drama is a stylish homage to the cinema of Hong Kong which is a guaranteed crowdpleaser.



by Kim Joun-hyun

(South Korea, 2016)

A coach has to put together the first Korean national women’s ice hockey team, and assembles an unlikely group of athletes including the quarrelsome Park and Lee Ji-won, a defector from North Korea. When they get to the Asian Games they have to earn their victory on the ice – and for Lee Ji-won, it might also be a chance to see her little sister again. From a true story comes a perfect mix of fun and drama in this effervescent sports film.


Hirugao – Love Affairs In The Afternoon

by Nishitani Hiroshi

(Japan, 2017)

After her relationship with a married man costs her her family, her friends and her job, Sawa moves to another city under a different name, but fate has it that she encounters her lover again. All it takes is one look for their raging passions to explode anew, setting in motion the first domino in a chain that will lead to tragedy. Sublime, furious, passionate performances from Aya Ueto and Takumi Saito!



by Choi Kook-hee

(South Korea, 2016)

A solid sports drama about the possibility of redemption: no door is ever closed for good.



by One Hitoshi

(Japan, 2016)

From the director of Bakuman comes this fierce portrait of media cannibalism.


Dearest Sister

by Mattie Do

(Laos, 2016)

Young Nok goes to live with her cousin Ana, who is going blind and needs her help. But Nok soon realizes that the maid and gardener are hiding something – and that though her cousin might be losing her ability to see the world, she is gaining the ability to see the dead. For the tenth film in the history of Laotian cinema, director Mattie Do gives us a supernatural thriller where darkness and drama merge in what is much more than just a classic ghost story.ì



Three Years Without God

by Mario O’Hara

(Philippines, 1976)

Rosario is an elementary school teacher who, during the Second World War, is raped by captain Masugi, a Japanese soldier born in the Philippines. She falls pregnant, and after initially refusing Masugi, begins to develop a strange love for him…



by Yamashita Nobuhiro

(Japan, 2003)

A personal and contemporary interpretation of Tsuge Yoshiharu’s manga.


The Mission

by Johnnie To

(Hong Kong, 1999)

Five members of a triad are hired to protect gang boss Lung, who has just survived unscathed an assassination attempt. Between the five, a deep friendship forms, which will be put to the test once they have fulfilled their mission. Johnnie To takes an aesthetic approach to his protagonists, concocting an alienating, minimalist tale made of up geometric action sequences and a masterful use of space and bodies.